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Working at PBC : Our Vision

What is a Teal Organisation?

To PBC a 'Teal Organisation' is a structure that views our organisation and its people as a living entity with its own energy and sense of direction. Being a Teal Organisation for PBC means providing flexibility to our staff which includes inclusiveness; involving all people in decision-making processes and using language that talks of ownership of role. It’s also about celebrating wholeness and sharing knowledge.

At PBC we recognise a Teal Organisation as an organisation that strives for 'Wholeness' – but for PBC this doesn’t necessarily mean a strong spiritual side but rather how we choose to treat, accept and deal with each other. It’s about embracing integral mindsets and human consciousness.

Embracing Teal is about allowing our people to enjoy the feeling of what working at PBC feels like and means, offering them the opportunity to turn up as their whole self. We spend a lot of time at work, so why shouldn’t we feel comfortable enough to turn up and be accepted as who we are?

After all our state of mind can affect how we show up in the world and how we connect with others in our personal and professional relationships.

Teal is about allowance and acceptance of individuality – to be a part of an organisation that allows us to bring our whole self to our workplace and be accepted for that. It's recognition and want for our organisation to not be rigid but understand and adopt each person’s strengths and approaches to help them deliver their role effectively and just as importantly to our expectation. It’s about being flexible and not rigid – we applaud our great national and international sporting team coaches with being good “man managers” OR having to deal with each player in accordance with their individual needs to “get the best out of them”– yet even though we realise this as a valuable trait in successful sporting coaches we have failed to give this value in the workplace – this is what we at PBC are striving to achieve by adopting Teal ideals.

We want to have our people engage in our business, who we are, where we are going and to know they have a voice in the decision-making process and how we get there.


In this fast paced world where we all carry a mini computer with us, where events move quickly and stimulation is at our finger tips its important that we as an organisation are allowing ourselves the freedom to also move and sway with the speed and versatility of todays world.

The experience and fulfilment of role and the approach to role delivery needs a facelift, we want to ensure that having our people invested in their role (and the organisation) can help PBC to continue to be an industry leader and high achiever. We want our people to take pride in us being the go-to organisation for those who really value the journey and not just about a cheap end product – so if we can invest in our people, provide them with the flexibility and diversity of role and become the type of workplace that we all crave then we believe we can offer those who want a great end result at effective experience with fond memories. Trust is who we are, its what we have built PBC on – relationships are important to us. Trust is the oil that drives the engine, not just from PBC to its clients and vice versa but also internally between PBC personnel to each other – if we get this right internally it will resonate externally.

At PBC we are driving a culture of inclusion - empowering everyone to bring their unique strengths to work. This includes supporting them through training and education that helps develop new skills for a rapidly changing world.

We want our approach to staff to be more casual and inspiring rather than the top down “do what I say” approach. We want to give our people permission to work in informal spaces that support their physical, cognitive, and emotional wellbeing.

Anthony Baker - Managing Director

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