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Focus On : Safety

Safety is one of Premier Building & Construction’s Core Values. Our company culture influences the way we feel, act, think and make decisions...so why wouldn’t it be!

As one of our five key values, safety requires a personal commitment at all levels in the organisation. We at PBC believe that there's a big difference in how a company thinks and behaves when safety is a value, rather than it being a program or a priority. For a company with safety as a core value it has become a way of life on mutual trust by shared perceptions - a genuine team approach from employees and management.

Safety to PBC means we promote the wellness of our employees and others who attend and interact on our Construction Sites.

Being in the Construction Industry, safety is a key element of our day. Not only do we pride ourselves on a clean and safe worksite but we also value the wellbeing of our people, sub contractors and clients. 

Safety to PBC is all about caring for each other and keeping an eye out for one another – this is demonstrated through correct and relevant training, teaching in the workplace and attendance to courses where relevant. We also have and invest in an externally audited OH&S Management System to ensure we are keeping up with industry requirements. This also ensures we have the procedures and protocols in place to aid our managers and employees in ensuring they are acting in a safe manner - identifying and removing risk where possible.

Safety as a value is about making sure our employees and sub-contractors enjoy the experience of feeling safe on a PBC worksite. This means they are able to approach us whenever they feel the need to add value regarding site safe activities and more importantly retain a healthy head space in knowing and feeling the benefit of the care we create through our safe work practices – we want everyone to be home and safe at the end of a day’s work, for them, their family and for us as an organisation.


Safety is important and it must be valued. It is not just an ideal about having procedures and tools in place for when Workcover or Worksafe come to site but also - and more importantly  - about how we care and look after each other. This ideal can bind us as an organisation and make us more effective. It is also important to understand and communicate that safe means not being at risk, and not the absence of accidents, and the more we are not at risk hopefully the less likely and severe an accident might be if it occurs.

Anthony Baker - Managing Director

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