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COVID-19 Community Sponsorships

Over the past three months we reflect on how the world has changed. What would normally be mid-way into the sporting  season for the AFL, Soccer and Rugby we find there has been little to no training and certainly no games. Although parents may be enjoying the break from the weekly taxi run I find myself considering how the sporting clubs are surviving, how are they keeping contact with one another, and what is the outlook for the rest of the season?

What can PBC do to best support our community?

PBC has long been a supporter of sporting clubs. As we received the annual sponsorship invoices we looked at them with a completely new perspective. As a sponsor, what is the value of supporting a team that cannot play? What is the benefit for the business, no games being held, no announcements being made over loud speakers? Should the business be re-considering the commitment this year? The answer to the question is this, there is more value for PBC to stand beside the sporting clubs this year, than any other year we can recall. 

PBC are helping make what is already an extraordinary year a little easier for the sporting clubs, and so, without hesitation PBC paid all prior committed sponsorships with a sense of pride for what we believe to be an integral part of our local community. 

We thank you sporting clubs for all the things you bring the community, we thank all the volunteers that help keep the clubs running year after year, sometimes with little to no thanks. We thank the coaches, committees, ground staff and players that provide the environment that families are welcomed - becoming part of a larger family that is a club.

PBC hopes our contribution to the clubs makes a special impact this year, and we look forward to the future support the business can provide.

Melanie Baker - Finance & Administration Manager 

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