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PBC’s Values

The PBC Values have uniquely been developed by our collective whilst also resonating for why I created the business, so are now not only emphasised by my actions but driven by a collective enhancement from all team members.

Our values include: Teamwork, Commitment, Clients, Flexibility, & Safety.

Reinventing PBC...

It was important to me that I developed a platform within our organisation that enabled us to explore what it is that drives us as a group of people and as an organisation. Importantly what I have found through this process was that all of us at PBC hold the same values and are looking to achieve the meaning behind what we do together – so whether this has been driven by me OR subconsciously driven by all, the outcome is that we have a team that have a collective commonality…..what I have now realised is that PBC’s people have come together (as a collective) driven by our human consciousness. It’s almost as though we have sought each other out – without knowing – and here we are.

I have instigated platforms that are now taking us along our journey. We are improving our HR processes to make sure our values are enhanced and ensure they are not left as words on a page - but rather become the reason for why we do what we do, aligning with who we are.

The shared Vision of our people is now strongly driving who we are as we stride towards embracing our teal organizational structure. We do this by ensuring everyone has a voice and takes ownership of this process together.

To see more about our organisation values in depth check out our ‘About’ page on our website. These will provide more context for how and why we do things differently at PBC, driving us to become industry leaders in commercial construction. 

Anthony Baker - Managing Director

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