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  • By Alexis Galloway
  • PBC News

Welcome to The PBC Build Series, where we feature a build journey of not only the Design and Construction, but also the clients experience and how it all came together.

This is the second phase of an exciting project transforming an old abattoir into a stunning home reflecting its natural surroundings. We catch up with owner Fleur Vaughan again about the project and how the progress is going. 

What have been the biggest achievements this month?
An entire house has appeared! The progress has been incredible, all teams have worked with exceptional integration to achieve amazing quality in their work at a heck of a pace.

What will be your favorite room/area of the home? Has this changed since starting the transformation?
The front northeast corner. No, it has not changed but its WOW factor is far beyond anything I imagined before the windows and walls went up.

Let’s talk about colours. How did you and the team decide on your choices? Have the natural surroundings been an influence?
Anthony suggested Hogs Bristle and given my favorite pet is a pig I really couldn’t go past it. From there my standard answer to all questions on colour was “ask Travis.”
We knew what feel we wanted; we knew we wanted an earth colour scheme and we know what we like but really nailing the colour combinations is not our thing. Anthony and Travis from PBC and Darren at Heargraves Joinery have been instrumental in our colour selections, right throughout the home.

Any unique changes to the design so far?
Hmmmm completely changing the internal ceiling to the center section of the house. I think once the walls went up everyone involved looked up and just went “we need to expose the trusses” Travis, Anthony and the guys on the ground here had to do some rapid planning to achieve such a monumental change so late in the game. We will never regret the decision, we are so happy we did it. If we had lowered the ceiling we would have always been wondering what it would have looked like to go the full height.

In addition, you can imagine the trades on the ground, the cladders, electricians aircons. All those trades had to do some really big, mid-job changes and they were all amazing. The electrician had all his wiring already in place but nothing seemed too hard for anyone, they just got it done.

Stay tuned for the final part in The Build Series of this project when we reveal the completion in early 2022. If you missed the First Phase click here.

Photos of Phase 2

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