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Evolution of PBC

PBC's Evolution - A Platform for Continual Improvement

PBC is a Commercial Building Company that is client focused, values relationships and is driven to achieve the win/win scenario. Sure we want to be successful and make a buck but these are not the reasons that drive our decision making. Yes, we are running a business so profit is a consideration – but it’s not the governing reason for all our decisions. We don’t always make a decision that makes us money - sometimes they actually cost us money - but when it’s the right decision to make for a better outcome it becomes a decision that is enhancing the relationship, which in turn is an investment in us.

I believe that because of who I am, and also where the business is based, that we have always been a quasi-teal organisation without really understanding what being a Teal organization means.

This is based on my belief that because we are a regionally based company, we do not get the quantum of opportunity available to us that city based builders enjoy. This can sometimes mean that opportunities are varied.

For this reason there has always been the need for us to bend and sway; to be able to offer and become what each opportunity requires us to be in order to not only get the job, but to deliver to clients and enhance or develop a relationship along the way.

Technology changes are helping us “level up” without changing who we are – computers are on site providing open and available access to files, and streamlining processes.

We have open collaboration – from office, to site managers, to tradesman, to apprentices. This is developing ownership of roles and nurturing discussions about ideas whereby everyone has an opinion, with the end approach accepted and developed by the group and not the manager.

I am striving to make these forums and decision making processes enhanced and a part of the new us.


My challenge is to seek how we grow for the business and our people and not become bureaucratic and sluggish which often happens to larger organizations.
I have started to create a new “teal” platform that allows everyone to have input, and this happens within our smaller teams and also full company team meetings. We have both face to face meetings but also enjoy new technology, through the use of “SLACK” forums, which have been introduced so that our people can find the value in truly embracing an open and flexible approach to communication, problem solving and improved process.

I invite you to observe our PBC evolution for yourself, have a look around our new website, follow us on social media, and subscribe to our monthly newsletter. Experience how PBC does things differently and creates a unique path to industry evolution.

Anthony Baker - Managing Director

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