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Focus On : Clients

At PBC we have 5 Core Values – I would like to take this opportunity to talk about one of those core value’s: “Clients”.  This value reflects our collective mission to value and nurture relationships, embody dedication toward our client’s outcomes, and build trust and confidence through our support. 

Core values can be measured in behaviour so it’s important to us that how we behave and treat our clients, and the journey they have in dealing with us, embodies our core principles and ensures they ‘experience the premier advantage’. This value essentially provides clarity on our company’s’ identity, the people in it and the people we want to attract.

How do we ensure our clients experience the premier advantage?

It’s often noted in business journals and by business coaches or profilers that an organisation lives and breathes through its people – both inside and outside of the company.

 PBC recognises that just like our clients we enjoy having a good experience with a supplier or a subcontractor – remembering the positive, or negative, impact of the transaction. It is human nature to then want to seek out that same experience, replicate the positives and actively avoid elements of a negative transaction - to seek a win/win solution every time.

 We build trust and confidence by giving support and guidance. As a basis, we want to be sure our clients are left feeling how we would want – that they’ll be able look back on and fondly remember the value a good relationship with the PBC team had during the project’s life cycle.

 Sure, we will, and should, challenge each other to ensure we get the best result but to us the main thing is that we are one united project delivery team and stay focused on exactly what it is that each client wants from us to deliver for them – and do it! By having clients as a value, we ensure that a part of us is embedded within the behaviours we hold ourselves accountable to, understanding the ‘why’ behind these behaviours meeting our core values.


Being 'Client-Focused' to PBC means;

- Relationship Based

- Team Oriented

- Adopting the Clients End-Goal

- Listening to what our clients wants and needs are - not running our own agenda

- Understanding that we are engaged to deliver a service; and,

- Ensure we give the client what they expect - the premier advantage!

Anthony Baker - Managing Director

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