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Technology Advancements in Construction

In our fast paced, fast moving industry there have been many varied technological advancements over the past decade that have shaped construction capabilities to what they are today. The aim of this blog is to showcase those that provided the greatest impact for PBC and our developed operations. 

Items of technological innovation that PBC has utilised and have been influential in improving operations include;

  • Drone Photos
  • One-Point Project Management Software
  • Cloud-Based Software/ Access
  • Electronic Timesheets
  • Products and System (Installation) Advancements
  • BIM
  • 3D Printing
  • Hemp-Based Products and Agribusiness
  • LVL
  • Phase Change Material
  • Scanning survey instruments to provide information in real time
  • So what do the impacts look like?

    Technological advancements assist us in how we build, the products available for use, time saving management practices, environmental sustainability, waste management practices, insulation and lighting for our consideration.

    Modular and pre-fabricated built structures are increasing abilities to save site-based time, however the downside is that these approaches restrict end product aesthetic. Environmentally sustainable practices have become particularly important over the past decade, greatly influencing how we deal with building waste during construction. This has allowed us to restructure approaches to provide benefit for the environment, with recycling of construction waste now a common practice across our industry. Rainwater harvesting and consideration around the “use” cost of a building after construction is becoming an aspect of increased consideration with power bills, charges for water use and heating/cooling costs getting higher and higher. Not only does the end user want a building that is cost effective to operate, BUT, the environmental benefits from lower consumption use is favourable. The increasing changes to insulation types, materials, phase change materials etc., are driving how we build and construct for the future. Some of the latest innovation we are seeing are new streamlined external cladding systems for our market – small revolutionary changes impacting our industry for the better! 


    As we move into a new phase of client-based thinking, innovative materials, insulations and economic influences are going to greatly create considerations for commercial building. Occupational specific usage will continue to drive the creation of new technological and material advancements – of which PBC looks forward to partnering with the like-minded people who see the value in this!

    As technology and consumer/business expectations are developed we hope to see more “experience” and “environmentally friendly” based thinking in the designs and exciting materials of the future – creating smart ways to make the “use cost” of our office buildings, classrooms, medical center’s, homes and retail facilities more practical and in harmony with our environment.

    Anthony Baker - Managing Director

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