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Focus On : Teamwork

At PBC we have 5 Core Values – I would like to take this opportunity to talk about one of those core value’s: “Teamwork”.  This value reflects our collective mission to work together to achieve common goals, take responsibility and accountability, and communicate with respect and honesty. 

Core values can be measured in our collective behaviours so it’s important to us that how we collaborate and work as a team contributes to a client’s experience of the ‘premier advantage’. This value essentially provides clarity on our organisational culture, the partnership of our people, and the standards we implement.

Teamwork means we are all about the collective communicating honestly with one another and with respect – that the sum of us is more important than the one of us.

There are so many ways to boost the success of a project – and for us at PBC teamwork (and broader team performance) is the most effective. For an efficient and effective company culture teamwork atmosphere embodies the friendship and loyalty of our collective. As individuals, each of us has a different skill set, abundance of knowledge and varying experience. As a team we then able to come together to support each other’s weaknesses and enhance strengths. 

‘Emotional Intelligence’ is another important aspect of sustainable effective teamwork. At PBC we are investing in our people by embracing emotional intelligence learning with our Partner Modo Coaching & Training. Through this support and an understanding of the Enneagram and personality typing we start to gain the skills required to better understand everyone as an individual. An understanding of the hierarchy of needs helps us learn to understand what it is we are personally responsible for and in turn how these strengths can come together for higher discussions in our team. 

 In today’s world where job satisfaction means more than a pay cheque and actually about embodying reason for how and why we turn up, who we are allowed to be in the delivery of our role and what we are contributing towards highlights how TEAMWORK is essential. At PBC we believe that teamwork embodies being a part of something and contributing to something extraordinary. 

Teamwork offers us the ability to have a diversity of thought – brain storming as a collective (teamwork) increases the success in the problem-solving process through the use of our differing strengths and opinions. This team approach also strengthens our group accountability and can help effective decisions to arrive faster. So, by incorporating teamwork strategies and approaches we have become far more efficient and productive. Our goals become more attainable and we provide learning to one another which can assist to reduce real time and future errors.


Without teamwork we delay or even hinder the opportunity to innovate and problem solve in real time. Teamwork enhances workplace synergy and makes us collectively responsible. It enhances us being, and feeling, a part of something more than just self – it’s about belonging. We say that teamwork allows us to work together towards achieving the businesses common goals, helps us take responsibility for our self and our roles, and allows to communicate with respect and honesty.

Anthony Baker - Managing Director

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