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What is Design & Construct?

Design and Construct – the inhouse ability of PBC to provide a one stop shop – where we as an organisation provide a “turn key” project delivery service from concept to completion……to make a clients dream a reality!

Design and Construct projects are where we listen to our clients and partner with them to deliver on what is important to them.

Design & Construct “The PBC way” is actually more cost-efficient than traditional project delivery in many situations. You see, when you choose our design and construct service, you’ll be getting the most out of our team. This is because the project budget is identified early in the process and monitored through a highly collaborative process. ... This saves time, money and, importantly, minimizes disputes. 

Our in-house designers work directly with our build team and together produce a design that is developed with the best quality materials in mind and according to the unique needs of a client. Having one single team managing a design and construct means we are able to collaboratively achieve accountability, agility, expertise, collaboration, and reduce costs overall. 


PBC’s Design and Construct model is based on providing a streamlined flexible approach for our clients. We aim to break down traditional barriers (hold points) involved in the traditional construction process. We do this by staging design to allow the project to progress concurrently with the design – often it’s about capturing early-stage work needs and developing the other project requirements as the project build process is undertaken – this is an organic approach that also allows the client the flexibility to create change as a project unfolds. Some of our clients have commented that until they met us at PBC they didn’t realise that our level of expertise and professionalism associated with a regionally based builder utilising this design and construct method.

Anthony Baker - Managing Director

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