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Focus On : Flexibility

At PBC we have 5 Core Values – I would like to take this opportunity to talk about one of those core value’s: “Flexibility”. This value reflects our collective ability to accept and manage change. As a team we are highly adaptable, no job is too big or too small.  

We make sure our organisation is flexible to ebb and flow like a river rather than being rigid like a straight line – we believe that flexibility to bend and sway like a river helps us be more organic with opportunities for business, our staff and our clients.

Flexibility means many things to us at PBC – We are flexible in how we employ and communicate with our staff, and with how we manage occurrences on sites; this means we are flexible to accept change in an industry where change is a constant.

At PBC we strongly believe that an organisation that is flexible will respond to changes positively by evolving. In todays modern fast-paced world, we believe that it’s important to not fight change; a flexible organisation accepts change as an inevitable part of the business environment, and so it learns to maximise its opportunities whenever change comes along. 

There is an unspoken belief in business that every seven years an organisation needs to re-invent itself – today this is more like every three years. In effect we need to be constantly moving, shifting and evolving – if we as businesses are too rigid and not prepared to move to our industry and clients changing needs we are going to fall away and be overlooked.

Being flexible with your employees is good for business. It builds employee trust and commitment, helps attract and keep key talent, as well as drives the organisation to find solutions that work for all those involved. However, it also allows our employees to understand that our organisation cares for their needs outside of work. To have the flexibility to attend one of their kids’ school concerts or football games, to be able to spend time with a sick relative or even just to enjoy time with their significant other and take a long lunch. It’s important to understand a happy employee that feels supported by their organisation can achieve great things.


At PBC we believe in the importance of workplace flexibility – we see this as a deliberate strategy that enables us to respond positively to changing circumstances and expectations, being open to flexibility and in fact expecting it is a state we highly support each other to turn up in. Employees who approach their job with a flexible mindset, and organisations who allow and encourage flexibility as a managed approach, are typically happier and easier to deal with.

Anthony Baker - Managing Director

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