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PBC Staff Spotlight – Nyssa Woodfall

This week we catch up with PBC’s Nyssa Woodfall who handles everything from HR to Compliance.

You have recently started back in the team after being on maternity leave – When did your PBC journey begin?
I started my journey with the PBC team in 2014 as the office administrative receptionist and progressed within this role to IMS Coordination and estimating assistant. Since then, I have broadened my experience in customer focused roles and career advisement in the education sector. I have returned to PBC to assist in the nurturing and development of PBC personnel and implementation of the Integrated Management System.


What has been the most interesting project you have seen come to life while working behind the scenes at PBC?
There have been so many over the years it would be impossible to pick just one! I really enjoy seeing the collaborative design and construct projects taking form. From an initial conceptual idea to a fully completed build. It’s amazing to see the team come together, collaborate and problem solve during the various stages of the program to achieve the desired outcome for the client.


The world of HR – What do you see as the biggest change for the future of work as a result of Covid?
Generally speaking, I think Covid has definitely created a diverse, flexible working environment with the ability, resources and access of working from home. With remote logging in to have meetings and training virtually it’s not just your typical “9-5 Monday – Friday” in the office anymore. With that, comes the challenges of social connectedness and I feel that it is important now more so than ever to have great communication in all levels of a professional team to eliminate any potential isolation / miscommunication that may arise.



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